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The making of an anti-American president by Lawrence Sellin, PhD

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Lawrence Sellin, PhD Lawrence Sellin, PhD, Colonel (Retired)

Barack Obama Admitted Pothead in His Occidental College Days Barack Obama – Admitted Pothead and Marxist in His Occidental College Days

The making of an anti-American president

by LAWRENCE SELLIN, PHD — September 18, 2014

Barack Obama, in his own mind, is incapable of formulating scenarios in which the United States, as a capitalist-based western democracy, succeeds.

If narcissism explains Obama’s personal behavior, his relationships with others and his self-centered decision-making process, then the nexus of Marxism-Leninism, Black Nationalism and Islam defines him politically, philosophies antithetical to the survival of the Constitution and the American republic.

Frank Marshall Davis was introduced to Barack Obama by his maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, who was a close friend of Davis and saw him as a potential role model and father-figure for his grandson. Davis was also a US Communist Party member (number 47544) and became Obama’s mentor in Hawaii during the 1970s, right…

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